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I am a global citizen with a diverse background that spans across continents. Born in the city of La Rochelle, France, I embarked on a journey of language and cultural exploration. I studied Applied Foreign Languages at La Rochelle University, empowering me with fluency in English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

My thirst for adventure and cultural immersion led me to go on internships in Luxembourg and Renvyle, Ireland during my high school years. Seeking further experiences, I embarked on a transformative semester at the University of the Basque Country in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, followed by a year of study at the University of Brasilia, Brazil, where I lived until 2015. Continuing my quest for growth, I then made my way to the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I immersed myself in the rich arts and culture scene until August 2016, when I relocated to Washington DC.


Driven by my passion for acting, I sharpened my skills through dedicated study at Studio Acting Conservatory, completing a rigorous three-year curriculum. Alongside my artistic pursuits, I have also spent time in Mexico City, Mexico, and annually immerse myself in the thriving energy of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the winter months.


This diverse background has shaped me into a well-rounded individual, embracing a global perspective and a deep understanding of diverse cultures. I bring this wealth of experience and knowledge to my coaching practice, empowering individuals to unleash their full potential and embrace transformative growth.


Equipped with a profound understanding of diverse cultures and a global perspective, I am currently undergoing formal training as a leadership/executive coach at ACT + Brown University, an esteemed International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited certificate program.

My experiences of living in various countries have expanded my visions and challenged my unconscious biases, while my journey in acting has cultivated my empathy and presence.


Now, as a coach, I have the privilege of utilizing my unique skill set to guide individuals through transformative and meaningful changes. Whether it's achieving professional goals, fostering personal growth, or navigating life's challenges, I am dedicated to empowering others on their journey.


With a deep commitment to helping individuals unlock their full potential, my coaching approach is rooted in empathy, authenticity, and a genuine desire to see my clients thrive. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, leveraging my diverse background and extensive coaching training to create a safe and empowering space for exploration and growth. Through our partnership, you will gain invaluable insights, overcome obstacles, and unlock new possibilities. Get ready to experience profound personal and professional transformation as we work collaboratively to achieve your goals and aspirations.

  • What is coaching?
    We all encounter challenges when it comes to making the right choices or determining the next course of action. Our minds are naturally inclined to draw upon past experiences when making decisions in current or future scenarios. The process of giving or receiving advice aligns with this pattern, as recommendations are influenced by the perspectives and life experiences of the advisor. However, it's important to note that advice may not necessarily resonate with the recipient, who possesses their own unique views and life encounters. Coaching provides an alternative approach. By engaging in thought-provoking questions, you can explore new possibilities that may not be readily apparent due to the limitations of our brain's wiring. This process allows you to generate fresh perspectives, overcome obstacles, and challenge self-imposed limitations, ultimately enabling you to create new visions and beliefs.
  • What are the benefits of coaching?
    Experience the profound impact of coaching on your personal growth and success. Our coaching approach is designed to empower you, holding you accountable for your commitments and actions. Gain a heightened sense of self-awareness that will guide you in making conscious choices aligned with your goals. Develop your critical thinking capacity, liberating you from dependency on others for solutions and enabling you to solve problems with agility and accountability. Feel the surge of motivation as you execute on ideas that you have generated, fueling your drive for achievement. Experience the power of being truly seen and heard, fostering authentic conversations that delve into the heart of what truly matters. Unlock a new level of empowerment, engagement, collaboration, and performance that will transcend throughout your organization. Let's break through barriers together and propel you towards the fulfillment of your aspirations and goals. What challenges are holding you back? What changes do you seek? What unfulfilled aspirations or goals do you desire to accomplish? What have you been avoiding? It's time to unleash your potential and embrace the transformative impact of coaching.
  • How is coaching different from psychotherapy?
    Coaching and psychotherapy have distinct differences and shared similarities. Coaches focus on the future, while therapists delve into the past. Coaches embrace the belief that clients are creative, resourceful, and whole, while therapists often approach from a framework of pathology and illness. Coaches work with the conscious mind, while therapists explore the unconscious mind. Coaching typically has specific desired behavioral outcomes within a time-limited framework, while therapy is open-ended with a primary objective of understanding. Despite these differences, both coaching and therapy aim to create concrete changes in your emotional state and life. They both address self-limiting beliefs and behaviors driven by underlying thoughts and emotions, whether conscious or unconscious.
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